UNIFORM | Rope Bracelets

I love these hook rope bracelets ($55) by Miansai by Michael Saiger, which would stack nicely with a classic white cotton Nantucket rope bracelet ($7), don't you think?


Veronika said...

Yes, they would look perfect :)

Nomadic D. said...

I think they would look perfect! My only thought is that they're screaming out to be diy-ed!


lorrwill said...

Agreed they would rock together.

These are pretty cool, too:

Ash said...

Just did a tutorial on Utility Cord Bracelet making over on my blog - one of the designs is inspired by this: http://greeneyed.com/2011/07/diy-rope-bracelet/

Very easy (and inexpensive, bonus!) Feel free to share on Tomboy Style if you think it appeals :)