ICON | Anjelica Huston

Photos of Anjelica Huston via here and by Bob Richardson via Cat Party.

"You had to prove yourself to my father. And he liked courage. If you fell off the horse, you got back up. And that could go on for days. And as often as you'd fall off, as often as you'd have to get back up." —Anjelica Huston, in an excerpt from an interview with Lauren Bacall for Intimate Portrait.


Tynan, Angelica said...

Too funny: Last night I was reading an interview with 70s designer Stephen Burrows & enjoyed his recollections of how fierce Anjelica Huston was a model -- because she seldom smiled on the runway. When she did smile, it made a huge impact!

That gentle, high pitch of her voice surprises me every time I hear her speak. One always expects her to sound like Nico ... love.


Lisa Michelle Cifuentes said...

wow, she looks stunning!

julia wheeler said...

the ultimate... she is timelessly cool

Tamara said...

I have always loved Anjelica Houston and considered a great beauty.