UNIFORM | Charlotte Rampling

Photo of Charlotte Rampling trying out a new career as a fashion photographer at the ready-to-wear show of Parisian couturier Christian Charrat in 1975, via The LIFE archives.

Rampling has successfully run the gamut of tomboy style, wearing everything from velvet tuxedos to three-piece pinstripe suits. But despite how she can pull off the most elaborate of ensembles, I think she looks so at ease and yet so perfectly chic in a simple button-down oxford. She's been on this blog before, but thank you Angelica for reminding me how great she is.

Canon 35mm F-1 (produced from 1971-1976, available used); Carrbank shirt ($112).


AgathaMChristie said...

I have that picture of her from long ago where she's unclothed and turned sideways with her hand covering her chest on my pinterest board. Rampling is probably the woman I'd most like to look like--she's an icon of natural beauty and style to me, and the fact that she's not plastic or sculpted by doctors makes her just about perfect.

She's almost the opposite of what the media wants the world to think of as beautiful today, isn't she?

Tynan, Angelica said...

Awww, thanks for the shout-out, Lizzie!

Ms. Rampling is just the epitome of smartness. Check out that discerning gaze.

& her clothes? Oh yes, tomboy staples!

Don't get me started on cuff-links, love ... ;^)


none said...

That F-1 is the second type and you can also get them online at KEH. :-)

Milly said...

Great post. Super picture. This is a classic example of tomboy chic also managing to be incredibly feminine at the same time! I also love the Carrbank shirt, the blue is such a lovely shade x


andrea despot said...

her style is perfect... as is that camera! *drool*

Anonymous said...

She is the greatest.

Elissa said...

Oh dear god. Charlotte Rampling.