GEAR | Fender Telecaster

photo of unnamed model by Hedi Slimane

"Any idiot off the street can play the guitar, but you have to have attitude...I kick doors down, I literally kick doors down. I have to go buy new doors all the time."—Katherine Thomas, one of Guitar One magazine's top ten fastest shredders of all time.

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Dan said...

I would modify that statement by applying it to Katherine Thomas (The Great Kat) herself. "Any idiot can fabricate a fake stage persona but it takes a true artist to make music of worth." Yeah, she can shred but she's never made anything worth listening to. If she had any real respect for the classical composers she covers she wouldn't reduce their timeless compositions to a minute and a half of idiotic wankery. I would advise her to ditch the pseudo-dominatrix facade and learn to cultivate a sense of self-awareness and some musical integrity.