MOMENT | Summer's End

Labor Day used to be the marker that ended summer. It was a period on a long glorious sentence. Then, somewhere along the line it became a semi-colon, a short pause before moving on, and now Labor Day seems more like a footnote. For many of you summer is already over because school is back in session, summer jobs concluded, vacation is a distant memory, and the Fourth of July parades seem like last year. For the minority of us that don't have school in the nucleus of our lives, the few of us that get to live in the present tense of the calendar, these last days are surely the Dog Days of summer. Hot, sultry, and slow.
This weekend I'm clocking out my last days of August with family on the East Coast. This will include my first taste of white clam pizza from the New Haven institution Frank Pepe's and likely my last taste of American summer. Hope you have a great weekend, whatever kind of summer reality you're living in right now!

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Claire said…
Love it! Of course, those of us in the southern hemisphere are heading into spring and urging on summer. It is all there before us not in the rear view mirror!

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