GIFT GUIDE | Naughty or Nice

Have you been NAUGHTY?
Brooklyn Gin ($40); Champagne knife ($98); Horn Money Clip ($32); Deerskin Leather Driving Gloves ($59); Waterproof Lighter ($24); Last Laugh Key Chain ($15); Copper Flask ($198); Black Ronsir Frame Sunglasses ($189); Sea Salt and Coconut Chocolate Bar Set ($16);

or NICE?
P&H Cream Soda Syrup ($12); Bergamot and Teak Goat Milk Soap ($14); Hudson Valley Heirloom Seeds ($4 each); Handmade Carved Oak Rope Swing ($295); Referee Whistle ($11); Mourne Textiles Wool Throw ($239); French Cotton Net Bag ($11); Beechwood Horsehair Table Brush Set ($45); Leather & Brass Lanyard Key Chain ($26).

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adailymeasure said…
I don't see a link for the leather braided keychain (if that's what it is). Can you share a link for that? Thanks
Lizzie said…

Eeks! Thanks, I just added it in.
Mrs. Franzos said…
What do you use to populate your pretty gift guide pictures?

I'm using shop sense, but I find it....lacking at times.
Lizzie said…
@Mrs. Franzos

I uses the application Pages. It's not perfect but it works for me. I really should learn Photoshop one of these days, but I get by on Pages. :)
Anonymous said…
what about the be kinder key chain?

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