UNIFORM | Gitman Bros. Tartans

Late this summer, I started dreaming of this shirt. In my head I wanted a classic tartan shirt with no frills or accouterments—cut with great tailoring, and well-made for a woman. What's a better shirt for autumn and winter, for the holidays, tree shopping, fire building and Griswolding? I really really really wanted this shirt, but I didn't find it. So, the great people at Gitman made it for me. Using two archival tartan patterns and the same quality that Gitman sewers have employed for generations in Ashland, Pennslyvania, my dream shirts became reality. They just came in yesterday and they're exactly what I hoped they'd be. I've already greedily snatched mine, but we have the Gitman Archival Tartan Shirts ($148) in limited supply at The Reed.

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