GEAR | The Sling Backpack by Lotuff Leather

When it comes to investment pieces, it's always great when it can perform double-duty to get as much as you can for your dollar. Lotuff Leather, which designs and makes all luxury leather goods in Providence, R.I., has been on this blog before—we talked then about quality and durability and of course it still holds true today. Their latest piece that launched this month is The Sling Backpack ($850), a sophisticated hybrid that seamlessly converts from a backpack into a sling bag. The word seamlessly is used a lot when talking about convertible items, but this requires no unbuckling or threading, it just pulls through a ring in one single second and the change is complete. The bag comes in seven colors and can be monogrammed as well. I love how Lotuff's is so wholly dedicated to the longevity of their bags, they write: "The worst your bag will ever look is the first day you carry it."

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Betty Perez | TEFL Store said...

It’s simple yet beautiful. It’s very handy as well. I wish I could have one with color maroon.