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As I type this, I'm trying to figure out the right way to express my opinion without coming off as overly snarky because I really don't want to criticize these gorgeous tool boxes or their designer. In fact, I love these boxes a lot a lot a lot. I'll just say it: I don't think tools need to be housed in walnut or tropical teak, right? I mean, they're tools! When I first saw these boxes I thought, FINALLY! Because it ended my five year search for a minimal, functional and beautiful jewelry box that could sit on my dresser. These toolboxes are, to me, the ideal case for jewelry with the multiple laters to organize small and frequently worn pieces. They're not ornate or super feminine, they're sophisticated utility, and I love them. Prices range from $180-$265 and they come in two woods and three size and they're all made in the USA. Check them out, along with many other Poritz & Studio pieces, right here. Keep up with Lizzie (@lgmettler) and The Reed (@the_reed_shop) on Instagram!


andie said...

Great post! I love love your blog. I just wanted to offer up a different perspective. Woodworkers take great pride in their hand tools, which are often passed down through the generations, and can made with exotic woods themselves. I have heard of people replacing the handles on their chisels with zebrawood! I think great work starts with great tools, and woodworkers follow a "take care of your tools, and they will take care of you" mentality. In any case, these boxes are beautiful regardless of what is kept inside of them!

Lizzie said...


Great perspective! Thank you.

Lisa said...

beautiful box for my writing tools, stamps, and calligraphy pens

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