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When it comes to field watches, there has certainly been a resurgence in the market over the past decade or so. There's the high-end American-made Weiss whose price tag flirts with a $1000; and on the other end of the spectrum you've got your mostly Chinese-made Timex that go as low as $40. In the middle though we've found a field watch sweet spot in Techné—the Swiss-designed (with Japanese quartz movements) watchmaker who is producing beautiful well-made unisex field watches for $120. Techné is a family owned company based in Grandson, Switzerland which is right in the Watch Valley between Geneva and Basel. We've got Techné's 245 Merlin Field Watch ($120) in stock at The Reed with two different straps. One is an orange NATO strap based on the specifications of the British Defense Ministry. The other is an Olive Green ZULU strap based on the specifications of the US Military. The colors are different but so are the lengths, for a refresher on the subtle difference between NATO and ZULU straps, check back to this post from 2012.

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Kelsey said...

My husband is dying for a watch with an orange strap and this one is PERFECT! ORDERED!! Love these brands you highlight! xx