UNIFORM | Seawall His & Her Shirts

Photos by Ben Hoffman

Ok, well this just makes a ton of sense. Seawall (their sister brand is Brook There), out of Portland, Maine has just put out a collection of classic button-down oxfords for men and women that are identical in design, but cut differently. Kind of great in a really simple way, right? It was Woody Guthrie who said, "Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple.” I think these shirts are absolutely genius in their simplicity. Each shirt is made in Maine from Japanese, English and American fabrics. Check out all their shirts for men and women here.


Mamavalveeta03 said...

Ah...and yet ANOTHER button-front shirt addiction for me! Great website Seawall has put together!

Rebecca said...

Not absolutely positive, but I think the Seawall & Brookthere lookbooks are shot using analog film (probably retouched digitally afterword, though). I suspected this at your first BT post, and now again. Either way, the images are fab, and the shirts, too!

Anonymous said...

ARe the shirts heavy or lightweight cotton?

Lizzie said...


In my opinion they are a medium, but I can ask Seawall exactly how they'd classify them. :)

Lizzie said...


The shirts vary in thickness, but they encouraged me to tell you that you can contact them directly with any questions!