GEAR | This Is Ground

I just recently discovered the handmade leather goods company This Is Ground. They are a friend of anyone who loves being hyper-organized, or someone who aspires to be that way (like me). The Los Angeles based company just launched their newest product this week, the Mod (photo above) which can be configured several ways to suit your needs. I find this to be an incredible asset for the frequent traveler to house all the chargers, ear buds, passports, documents, and a tablet in one zipped-up safe place that can fit in the seat pocket in front of you. Before the Mod, This Is Ground gained attention from some of their first products, the Cord Taco and the Cordito, so simple yet so smart. I also am a big fan of their Metro card case, perfect for a night out when you don't want to carry a bag. All of their products are designed and made in Los Angeles. Solid stuff.


Angelica Tynan said...

Oh, these would make a musician's gear bag look pretty. dang. sexy.

AND they're made in LA. Oh yeah.

Lizzie said...


Yeah! And they even have a special Musician Mod!