GEAR | Music Festival Survival Guide

It's music festival season. While Coachella is well behind us, this month we're excited about everything from the Telluride Bluegrass Festival to the Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga, TN. We've found that the way to get the best out of an all-day outdoor sonic experience is to be prepared. When it comes to festival gear, from a pair of Teva Originals to a Fair Ends vintage tablecloth cap, the key is for it to be functional and fashionable. Here's our list of go-to items for festival season 2014:

Clockwise from top left: Lapel Torch ($60), because those head lamps make you look like a nerd; Fair Ends Cowboys and Cowgirls Ball Cap ($68); Titanium Spork ($10) to add a bit of civility to that food truck life; Clare Vivier blended hemp t-shirt by Jungmaven ($86), It's All Good, especially if your t-shirt is breathable and quick-drying; Leather lighter cover ($20) for encore time; SunBum sunscreen ($16) smells great and is approved by the American Cancer Foundation, nothing takes the fun out of festival like a bad sunburn; Teva Original Sport Sandals ($40) are affordable, fashionable, and functional—where can't you go in these?; Madewell Denim Boy Shorts ($75) get you started with some wear and tear, but it's up to you to really break them in; this Folding Bamboo Chair ($216) is easy to pack and unpack for some comfortable tailgating; Kelty Vintage Daypack ($70), because you need a bag to keep all this stuff in so you can comfortably party.

Sponsored by Teva.

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Anonymous said...

I just bought my TEVAs. I love them! These are traditionally so not my style. More and more I've valuing comfort over cute. Actually, I do think these are cute! They might not make it into InStyle Magazine, but I love challenge of mixing and matching the various aspects of my style.