Part VI: Merry ChristMatt.

I'm sneaking in just one last gift guide (I promise this is the last one!) because I didn't really focus too much on what to get the guys this year. My husband, Matt, was telling me how the best gifts he's ever received have never been the most interesting of items, but instead the high-quality quintessential items he will use forever. So often gift guides for guys are wrought with gimmicky t-shirts, trendy items, or pajamas (do guys even wear pajamas in real life?); gifts that are visually appealing but perhaps not long-lasting in terms of actual use. Without further ado, Matt's gift guide for guys with a little blurb from him on why these are good buys...

T. Anthony Card Case ($65 with complementary engraving): A man's everyday wallet can get bulky with things we hate to leave home without (insurance cards, uncashed checks, a few mementos), but when we grab a drink or dinner, we only need three things: paper, plastic, and an ID. When Lizzie got me this slim number last year, it replaced one of her hair ties that used to keep my essentials together. It made me feel like a made man.

Sid Mashburn Dress Shirt ($145): I've never come across a better dress shirt—crisp fabric, a perfect spread of the collar (not too wide), handsome buttons, and a fit without comparison. 

Bone Collar Stays ($13): The sharp collar is a crucial ingredient in constructing the perfect shirt, so stays are a must. Standard issue plastic stays bend, gold or brass feel overdone, but these bone stays are just perfect.

Beckel Canvas Log Carrier ($28): Living in Los Angeles, I cherish the winter. Not for the snow, or the football (we get none of that here), but for the feeling I get around dusk, when I gather wood, build a fire, and fix a drink. The process is ritualistic and incredibly satisfying. 

Ben Silver Socks ($38): These socks are not exciting, but they are high quality and there's nothing worse than investing in an expensive suit only to walk around with bad dress socks underneath, the kind that bunch at the ankles, and distract from the ease that a well-tailored suit provides. These over-the-calf numbers are the final touch for looking good and feeling good in a suit. 

Crystal Lowball Cocktail Glasses ($48 for four): A cocktail glass, whether it's your winter Scotch or your summer G&T feels so much better when it has some weight to it. This leaded crystal set is what I use, they're heavy in your hand, but not on the wallet (which, by the way, is another things guys like...good deals).

Vintage Watch: If you've ever worn an old mechanical watch, especially one with sentimental value, my infatuation will likely have some resonance. There's something so binding about the process of winding it each day, hearing the tick of the second hand, and looking down to witness the decades it's counted. Although perhaps not an everyday item, a vintage watch is certainly a worthwhile extravagance. I've sourced watches on eBay and through dealers, but this is a great L.A. shop (that also sells online) to browse.


Aja Lake | Lake and Co. said...
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Aja Lake | Lake and Co. said...

Never seen a guy in pajamas, nope. Happy holidays, Lizzie.

Anonymous said...

I am buying those dress sock tout de suite. But then I have to listen to the man of the house kvetch about me wearing them. Oh well it's the thought....

caro3066 said...

Please keep sending the "gift guides"......I love them all.......they are so helpful!!